An analysis of the opus of dr seuss

Political cartoons[ edit ] Cartoon by Dr Seuss This was during the two years that he was the chief editorial cartoonist Many of these cartoons were directed towards the war, Adolf Hitler, and Japan.

An analysis of the opus of dr seuss

After they read the book, the students were given discussion questions similar to those we used for The Cat in the Hat though they were specific to the story at hand.

The questions were all designed to get the kids thinking about the book in a more thematic, ethical, deeper way. Here is a copy of the recording sheets with the discussion questions for each book. Students used these sheets for the remainder of the week.

Day three, I asked the students to think about the main idea of the story, pulling evidence and details from the text to support the main idea. I used The Cat in the Hat to model for them, then the students went off on their own. On day four, the students thought more specifically about the theme and lesson of the story.

Seuss trying to teach us? Again I modeled with The Cat in the Hat before they did it alone. By this point, the kids had read the book so many times, and had referred back to the discussion questions enough, that they really understood the underlying messages in the story.

I then asked the kids to think about a new title for the story. What would they rename it if they had to tell the message and main idea in the title.

An analysis of the opus of dr seuss

They brainstormed, came up with the titles, and remade the covers with the new titles. I loved how the students really thought about what the story was trying to teach us ie: The Sneetches was a take on prejudice and acceptance of who you are and The Butter Battle Book was about the absurdity of war Their titles really tried to sum up what they had learned through the book.

Here are some of the finished products. All in all, I am so very happy with our Dr.

An analysis of the opus of dr seuss

The kids were digging into the books, looking for evidence, making inferences, thinking about theme and main idea, all the while discussing and working in groups. They were able to see that sometimes the books they read aren't what they seem at first and even picture books can be a treasure trove of literary gold.

So many standards, so much learning, so much Seuss. If you would like to do this in your room, here are the recording sheet s I created to use in my own class. And be sure to come back for my next postas I have a little "craft" and I use the term loosely to tell you about that we also did and came out cute!

And just in case you need more lessons on themeI have some here for you!

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They are some of my favs. Follow me on Snapchat for more teaching ideas!the children’s books of dr. seuss, individually and as a gestalt body of work, are firmly embedded in our collective, modern conscious, and are arguably, as calvino proposes, a classic work of literature, concealed in the folds of memory.

‘The Cat in the Hat’ was the magnum opus of his works, which garnered positive response and critical acclaim from the time of its release. The book was named one of the ‘Top Picture Books’ of all time in a poll by School Library Journal. Roger Bacon, the medieval natural philosopher who broke new ground in promoting scientific method, produced the encyclopedic Opus Majus or 'Greater Work' in the mid-thirteenth century.

This publication in two volumes was the first complete edition of the work to appear in print. The Lorax was once challenged by a school district on the grounds that it "criminalizes the forestry industry." [1] Recently, a statue of the Lorax was stolen from Mrs.

Seuss' estate. Illustration Art Like Norman Rockwell, Dr. Seuss created every rough sketch, preliminary drawing, final line drawing, and finished work for each page of every project he illustrated. Despite the technical and budgetary limitations of color printing during the early and mid-twentieth century, Dr.

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Seuss was meticulous about color selection. Images of Dr. Seuss's WWII cartoons have been taken from Dr. Seuss Went to War, a catalog of Seuss's World War II cartoons () at the Dr.

Seuss Collection (Mandeville Special Collections Library, UC San Diego). The copyright holder of these is cartoons not known.

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