Finding common ground essay

Beneficial and Risky Should there be a national legalization of marijuana as a prescription and clinical drug for medicinal treatment? Imagine a loved one lying in bed at a hospital and have just undergone chemotherapy for their cancer treatment. Side effects of chemotherapy have begun and that individual cannot stop from constantly vomiting.

Finding common ground essay

A compromise solution is the essence of any middle ground essay. The task, therefore, is to bridge the opposing claims by finding their common points or shared premises and negotiating an alternative position.

To do this, several steps must be followed. Here are the steps on how to write a middle ground essay. In your introduction, which is your first paragraph, state the issue or topic. Describe what is at stake and why a solution is needed. For example, if your topic is illegal immigrants, indicate that it is an important social issue and that its effects on society demand that it be resolved.

Then, write down the opposing claims. In the example stated, the opposing claims may be: In your next paragraph, discuss one of your competing positions. For instance, you may choose a that illegal immigrants must be deported immediately. Do not offer your personal insight on the argument.

You may, however, provide the opinion of credible sources or statistics that buttress this claim. You may devote a few more paragraphs in discussing the salient points of this position.

After discussing aproceed by doing the same with bthat illegal immigrants must be given the chance to live the American dream.

Essay Tips: How to Write a Middle Ground Essay

Give an equal depth of discussion like what you did with a. If possible, write the same number and length of paragraphs. Identify the shared beliefs of the opposing claims. State facts that both sides recognize as true.

This is the most challenging part in writing a middle ground essay since it requires the ability to pinpoint premises that are common to the competing arguments.

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As regards the example of illegal immigration, common points may include: This is the most important part of your middle ground essay. This is where you provide the alternative position which is based on the shared beliefs or common points you have just identified.

Build an argument based on those common grounds. Devote at least two paragraphs for this purpose. The first paragraph is where you offer your middle ground argument, along with your supporting premises or claims.

Finding common ground essay

The second paragraph is where you provide the reasons why your argument is more preferable than the two competing sides. If possible, include as well a discussion on the weaknesses of the competing claims. Conclude your middle ground essay.

Reiterate the issue and the reasons why it must be resolved. Restate your alternative argument and the benefits for adopting it. A word of caution: This is because you want to fully exhaust your discussion on the competing claims with an objective perspective.

It will ensure that your reader, too, will have a full understanding of the respective positions.The debate over digital courseware's adoption suffers from oversimplification, writes Gates Bryant, who breaks down the nuances of the important discussion.

Essay on finding common ground in debate over digital courseware. For Diversity Week, I attended the 2pm show of Finding Common Ground: Resolving Cultural Conflicts with Music and Nonviolence. The show featured musicians that comprise the group Common Ground on the Hill out of McDaniel College.


Essay on finding common ground in debate over digital courseware

In rhetoric and communication, common ground is a basis of mutual interest or agreement that's found or established in the course of an argument. Finding common ground is an essential aspect of conflict resolution and a key to ending disputes peacefully.

Common Reader Essay. Common Reader Essay The 19th Century in the United States of America was the industrial era. Businesses were spouting up and the work force was growing rapidly all over the land. "Finding Common Ground" Hypothetical Scenario: Use this scenario to prompt student writing about both sides of the argument.

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Interactive Venn Diagram: Students can use this online tool to compare any two items, including varying positions on an argument. Finding common ground essay. 11/18/ Finding common ground essay 0 Comments Advantages of a library based dissertation abstract essay on guru purnima in marathi language aai.

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