How to write a letter to a vietnam veteran

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How to write a letter to a vietnam veteran

I was a grunt in Vietnam back in I served with Mike Co. My present stats are: Jen, 24; Brian, In Februaryat the age of 17, I enlisted in the Marines. I was trained as a rifleman grunt and arrived in Vietnam in Octoberfour months after turning 18 years old.

I gave back that rank in the States--just wasn't able to hack being a "stateside Marine. As a result of this trip I began to write poetry and short narratives about the war.

Some have been published. I have all 80 letters that I wrote home while I was in Vietnam. I yearn for the day that I can see all 80 in print somewhere, regardless of whether I ever make a single penny off of them. I believe their value is beyond the dollar.

I am the wife of an OIF Veteran and am trying my best to write a good letter without it being a book. There are some key things I want to stress in the letter and give good examples like it says to do but do not want to end up with a book. Use the National Archives Military Personnel Record Center (MPRC) to have a letter forwarded to the veteran’s last known address. Write a letter to the MPRC asking for help with your search and including as much information as you have on the veteran, such as his or her name, serial number or social security number, date of birth, the unit . D ear Grampie,. Today I am thinking about you as you take the Columbus Honor Flight to our nation’s capital. I thought I would get farther into this letter without tears.

I believe that the young misunderstand what it was like to be a kid in Vietnam. Paul O'Connell You can email Paul at: Hopefully I won't tire from doing this; and you, the world, won't get bored. I want to say that my father wrote me a letter everyday while I was in Vietnam. He thought he'd never see me alive again.

He said out loud as I got on the plane in Boston, headed for California and Vietnam, "There goes eighteen years down the shit chute. I'm still in Da Nang so I don't have an address which you can write me at. I've been assigned to the 5th Marines, 1st MarDiv. But because of the rain the helicopters cannot get us into the area.

It could be one day or one week before I get to my unit.

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Right now I'm sleeping on a cot with a roof over my head and a wooden floor, so I'm doing all right. The air field is right beside my hut and those phantoms and skyhawks fly out of here 24 hours a day.

About 80 go out an hour. On my flight out to Okinawa, we stopped in Hawaii for 45 minutes. What I saw of Hawaii was little, but it was awful hot. I can say I've been at least.

Okinawa was real nice and the weather was a cool The towns were worse than Mexico, so you know I had a real good time.

I like places like that. You really learn a lot. Then about three rocket rounds fell about 3 miles away.

how to write a letter to a vietnam veteran

That's about the only thing I've seen so far. I don't want ya to worry cause I'm all right and can handle myself. Call Sharon and tell her I'm okay.Your Open Letter is making the rounds on the Vietnam Veterans pages.

Your words are personal and speak from the heart, and I, as a Vietnam Veteran, appreciate them. With your permission, I would like to post your letter as a featured story at War Stories, which is a Vietnam Veterans' web page. I am a Vietnam Vet needing help to file a disagreement of the VA denial of PTSD service connected rating.

I applied in Nov. and just got my denial Nov. I am a Vietnam Veteran with a PTSD disability and also author of "The Military Veterans PTSD Reference Manual".

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As I write this letter I am undergoing further treatment for . Letters from Nam by Fred Golin | Books in Review. Fred Golin tells his Vietnam War story in a unique way in Letters From Nam (48HrBooks, 54 pp., $14, paper): through a chronological series of reproduced letters he wrote from the time he began basic training in January of to the end of when he was about to end his tour in Vietnam and get out of the Army.

In your letter to the Reverend, you refereed to the people who are interested in the serious effect of 2,4,5-t as "activists, liar, quack," and using Hitler type propaganda. You also extended an invitation to the Reverend to visit your toxicology labs and to talk to your scientists. Under Secretary for Benefits; Air Force Veteran Effective today, every regional office will begin implementing an initiative to ensure that those who have been waiting a year or more for their compensation claim receive a decision quickly.

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