Keeping our money safe with financial regulations

This type of secured storage has very few regulations are far as laws are concerned in regard to contents. There are some caveats that can come along with the storage of cash within a safe deposit box, however. While federal law does not specifically prohibit the storage of cash with in a safe deposit box, some banks might.

Keeping our money safe with financial regulations

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We have been inundated with e mails from readers asking us what they should be doing to assess their situations and make the appropriate moves to protect their money. Check out my latest podcast covering this issue in more detail.

First of all, everyone should be checking the financial strength of their banks through the tools available at www. Make certain any money you have in a bank meets the following criteria: In these troubled times, and with the FDIC basically out of money I would not get too close to the edge of a financial cliff.

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The bottom line is that fixed annuities have no guarantee, either real or implied, from the government, and are backed only by the financial strength of the insurer. As for those people who have annuities currently, the first step is to check on the rating of the insurance co.

If not, you can either withdraw the annuity altogether or transfer it to a higher-rated insurance co.

In both cases, however, you may face deferred sales charges, so be aware of that. Money markets are not insured by FDIC or any other government agency. Money markets are mutual funds comprised of cash instruments and other highly-short term debt instruments.

The best money markets for safety are generally those that are backed by US Treasuries. Opt for a money market at a large asset manager that is backed largely, if not exclusively, by the safest instruments, like Treasuries.Keep your money safe by choosing FDIC-backed accounts and diversification.

FDIC insurance: You can bank on it. Consumers should make their financial decisions using objective data versus.

The Electronic Money Regulations Web page The Whole Instrument Legislation is available in different versions: The latest available updated version of the legislation incorporating changes made by subsequent legislation and applied by our editorial team.

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Keeping our money safe with financial regulations

Vital coverage of critical developments, news, insights, and resources about legal and tax matters affecting churches. These Regulations implement Directive //EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16th September on the taking up, pursuit and prudential supervision of the business of electronic money institutions (“the Directive”) (OJ No L , , p).

A level playing field in financial services is enabled by regulations ensuring that functionally similar services are treated equally as long as they pose similar risks to the consumers of the service or to the financial system as a whole. Keeping money safe is obviously a prudent financial practice.

You likely don’t leave your wallet lying around or keep too much cash on hand, and you probably keep the bulk of your money in the bank. a business and financial institution; a safe place to keep your money credit union a nonprofit financial institution formed by a large corporation or organization for their employees and members.

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