Nightly business report september 23 2011 astrology

Phelps to "go east and procure a printing press" to be taken to the future Mormon settlement in the Great Basin. In Boston, with the help of William I. Appleby, the president of the Church's Eastern States Mission, and Church member Alexander Badlam, Phelps was able to procure a wrought iron Ramage hand-presstypeand other required equipment.

Nightly business report september 23 2011 astrology

The awareness of how monstrously complex, complicated, and embedded our Pluto in Capricorn situation really is confronts us in our conscious current moment.

The global conditions pretty much speak for themselves, so long as you have the ability to peel away propaganda and rhetoric not many do. How it filters into our personal lives requires a little more sociological imagination - but not much. This is oil drilling country, after all, and the oil industry is one of the most damaging and deadly Pluto in Capricorn forces on the planet at this time.

When Pluto would like you to know just how much of a fait accompli it really is, how little chance you have of resisting, it wastes no time.

nightly business report september 23 2011 astrology

It shows its hand. It plays the high Joker, and that trumps it all. The day I arrived, I was bringing my suitcase into the house and stopped for some fresh air in the yard.

Hell & Israel: Après Lavrov le deluge

Instead of the usual quiet of the country, I heard: It turns out an oil well was recently drilled about two kilometres from the ranch house, and the sound was coming from a generator at the pumpjack.

As is generally the case with Pluto, it took a while for me to understand fully what this meant. There was a little confusion, a little disbelief, a little putting it out of my head. But yesterday, the Plutonic situation was fully illuminated for me. There it was, blazing away, burning off whatever it is they need to burn off and emitting it into the air.

Oil flares are associated with benzene poisoning, a major cause of leukemia.

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Living in close proximity to oil flares is also associated with an increased incidence of cancers of the thyroid, bone, pancreas, and connective tissue.

Oil flaring has been connected to autoimmune diseases like Multiple Sclerosis Saskatchewan has a higher than average incidencerheumatoid arthritis, and thyroid disease. They are also a cause of increased chemical sensitivity. The most prominent one is a huge flare emitting a strong sulphur smell along the highway less than ten kilometres east.

All around that huge flare are farms and ranches and on those farms and ranches live people and animals - our neighbours. All around that huge flare, in the sparsely-populated surrounding area, there has developed over the past years a cancer cluster as well as an increased incidence of autoimmune disorders.

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As little girls, my sister and I played with another little girl who grew up on a neighbouring farm. We rode our bikes or walked down the gravel road to her place to play Barbies or to play with new kittens.

She developed leukemia when she was 18 years old, received chemotherapy, and has been cancer-free for about ten years. His friend was diagnosed with cancer more recently, prior to them retiring and moving to town. Another rancher and his wife live a few kilometres to the east, closer yet to the huge flare near the highway.

His wife was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and has had bouts of chemotherapy since. He suffered from a disorder that involved vertigo and, at times, had a difficult time doing his work. My mother was diagnosed with fibromyalgia twenty years ago, an autoimmune disorder causing pain, chronic fatigue, and equilibrium problems, among others, and has suffered with it since.

She is one of a number of people in and around this area with fibromyalgia or autoimmune disorders like it. Even without one word of "scientific" evidence, I would know better. This is not to say that the oil flare was the only factor. Or that this new flare is the only factor.

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nightly business report september 23 2011 astrology

area. Its studios are in nearby Arlington, Virginia. Among WETA's nationally-broadcast programs are PBS Newshour and Washington Week and several nationally-broadcast cultural and documentary programs, such as the.

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