Solar feeder

Built of heavy 14 gauge steel, the Solar Feeder holds 1, lbs. Stability pegs at each corner secure your feeder after set up.

Solar feeder

Solar feeder

This is a complete self contained set -up and forget system which features a combined 20 watt solar panel, metal light enclosure featuring a powerful LED panel with a whopping LEDs, rechargeable 12vdc battery, 3-power modes, auto "ON" at dusk and auto "OFF" at dawn, and the necessary metal mounts to securely mount it to a common wire fence "T"-Post t-post is not included, Solar feeder available at virtually any ranch supply or home depot type store.

These power modes also allow you to distance yourself up to yards from the feeder on high power.

Solar Feeder programmable cattle feeder - Progressive Cattleman

The beam characteristic is wide and long which provides illumination of the peripheral to the left and right of the feeder for identification and targeting those big boars who always seem to stay just far enough away from the feeder for a clean shot.

This light system is designed to run every night and charge every day, month after month, year after year. Unlike cheaply made and designed under powered plastic competitor lights, the Ambush A1 Feeder Light includes robust metal mounting hardware, metal vertical 'T"-post mount, and a weather proof metal light enclosure which provides for quick LED panel and or battery replacement.

Battery 90 days considered a consumable Some assembly is required basic hand tools.The American Hunter® Solar Charger converts sunlight into electric power for charging a 6V or 12V rechargeable battery.

On Time Feeders

Weather and rust proof, corrosion-resistant, no exposed wires, and ready to install on a plastic mounting bracket. Browse solar powered panels that'll work with your compatible game feeders and cameras, as well as their locations.

Tough Solar Powered Panels Your wildlife feeder is built to handle the elements, and so is your game camera. ON TIME PRODUCTS.


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Hummingbird feeder led light, solar powered led light that transforms any nature's way top fill hummingbird feeders into a decorative lantern at night, battery is fully re-chargeable & runs for up to 8 hours per charge, the light inserts & locks into the underside of the lid.

Keep your game feeders running strong with Moultrie’s 6-Volt Deluxe Solar Panel. Redesigned connectors allow you to plug the solar panel into any 6-volt-battery-powered feeder while retrofitted alligator clips work with feeders purchased before June

Solar feeder
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