Types of dissertation examinations

This content can be saved to the "My Activity" tab in your user profile. Typically, a dissertation allows students present their findings in response to a question or proposition that they choose themselves.

Types of dissertation examinations

Dissertations and Exams Comprehensive Exams Ph. All students must take these exams during the summer of their first year. The comprehensive exams serve two purposes: The process of studying for the exams provides an opportunity to synthesize core economic theory and methods.

The exams permit students to demonstrate their mastery of the material at a level deemed appropriate for a Doctoral candidate. The exams are given two weeks before the start of the Fall semester and the results are announced one week after the exam days.

After two failed attempts, students are withdrawn from the Ph. Admission to Candidacy Within one year after passing their comprehensive exams, students submit to their advisory committee a written prospectus for their thesis research. A pass on the prospectus confirms that the student fulfilled all necessary requirements to submit the Admission to Candidacy Formprovided that all other Graduate School criteria are met.

The student's advisory committee, graduate program director, and the Graduate Dean must approve the Admission to Candidacy Form. Admission to candidacy verifies that a student has successfully completed the program course requirements and university residency requirements.

The Graduate Catalog provides further details about Graduate School requirements for admission to candidacy.

If more than one negative committee vote is cast on the basis of the written prospectus, the student is given a chance to rewrite the prospectus.


The advisory committee may also recommend additional study through more coursework. After two failed attempts at a written prospectus, students are withdrawn from the Ph.

Doctoral Examination

Students should file for candidacy no later than eight calendar months prior to graduation. The candidate should develop the dissertation while in residence in order to facilitate close and constant supervision by the director.

If the student makes considerable progress in researching, outlining and writing the dissertation while in residence, the candidate may be permitted to complete work away from the campus. Permission for off-campus work must be arranged first with the research advisor and then approved by the graduate dean.

Dissertation courses are not graded. At the close of each semester of registration for credit, an "X" is indicated instead of a letter grade on the student's permanent record.

These courses are not counted in grade-point average computations.

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After the dissertation is completed, defended and accepted by the student's committee and by the graduate dean, credit is posted to the student's academic record. All candidates must conduct a successful oral defense of their dissertation in the presence of their entire advisory committee.

The defense is unsuccessful if more than one negative committee vote is cast. At the discretion of the advisory committee, the candidate may be permitted one additional attempt to conduct a successful defense.

Dissertations and Exams

The final date for submission of the dissertation in final form is one week before the close of the semester. The Graduate Dean makes final approval of the dissertation.

When visiting the General Course Catalog, users are recommended to use the search box in the upper-right area of the website. It is also helpful to narrow your search using the following options from the drop-down menu: This option will perform a keyword search over all information in the catalog.

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This option will perform a keyword search over the names of University units, including colleges, departments, and centers.a defense of the dissertation presented either upon completion of a substantial portion of the dissertation or upon completion of a pre-final draft (in either case, a draft of the work completed should be available for the examining committee well in advance of the examination); this type of examination is intended to verify that the research represents the candidate’s own contribution to knowledge, and to test his or .

phd dissertation process manual Dissertation Milestones Every dissertation is unique, but the dissertation process moves through a similar sequence of steps for all learners. Final Examination: Dissertation Defense. Close Menu.

Home. Video Conferencing in Doctoral Examinations; If the Final Examination is satisfactory, the supervisory committee members who participate at the examination sign the warrant and return it to the student’s graduate program by the last day of the quarter (last day of finals week).

Departments determine which of the following three types of oral examinations is to be required in their doctoral programs: a test of knowledge of the student’s field; this type of examination is intended to assess the student’s overall mastery of a specific field of knowledge.

2 PhD Comprehensive Examination and Dissertation Handbook COMPREHENSIVE EXAMINATION The purpose of the Comprehensive Examination is to: Assess knowledge of key disciplines of population health sciences. Assess potential to apply research methods independently.

Provide constructive feedback and identify areas of strength and weakness.

Types of dissertation examinations

Types of exam questions. Exams usually include different types of questions. Before you start studying for your exams make sure you know what type of questions to expect.

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